Why are brick houses
so strong?

The first human beings probably used wood and stone to build the first structures. However, using bricks probably wasn’t far behind. Scientists know that bricks were made long before written history. And they’re still very popular today, thousands upon thousands of years later.

Brick is the smart investment. Studies by the National Association of Home Builders and other building trade organizations continually find that 50% to 60% of home buyers in the United States prefer brick homes. Using brick for your building needs automatically increases your home’s resale value. When compared to other options, concrete masonry veneer, EIFS, fiber cement siding, manufactured stone and vinyl siding, the benefits of building with brick are obvious.

Your home is a space that „houses” the most important people and possessions in your life. Brick won’t rot, dent or become less durable over time. Brick structures remain timeless in appearance and durability for decades and even centuries to come. When compared to other exterior building products, brick offers the most durable material to protect you and your family from threats such as storms and fires.
Brick is energy efficient. The thermal mass of brick gives your home the ability to hold heat in the winter and keep your home cooler in the summer. It even provides sound insulation.
Brick is green. Brick helps more than just the resale value of your home. Brick is the environmentally friendly choice when compared to other materials such as fiber cement siding, stucco, manufacured stone or vinyl siding.